Oct 142017

Red Herrings

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about False Flags and Red Herrings along with their descriptions. Now we see them played out before our eyes and yet we still didn’t recognize them.
Let’s take a look at the chronological events of what has happened these past several weeks. (1) The shooter in Vegas who took 58 lives. We have been focused on this man’s (men?) dastardly deeds. When this was getting too hot to handle that possibly there may have been other shooters. Lo and behold… (2) The Harvey Weinstein Sexual Scandal of the century appeared. The question you have to ask yourself…why now?

SEX as a Weapon – The False Flag

Ah, yes the use of the weapon of Sex to divert our attention. We are so programed with Sex and Violence these days with our short attention span. Instead of focusing where our minds should be with this shooting They have given us a Red Herring to divert our attention. Call it a Conspiracy theory? I’m just quoting from history. I, honestly do not know if there was or there wasn’t another shooter. I just see History replaying itself and we are so blind not to see it. Has the god of this world blinded our eyes that seeing we can not see and hearing that we cannot hear? Question everything!!!
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